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Manitoba Canola Growers works to fund, direct, develop and distribute practical, science-based research.


MCGA is strengthening its network of research collaborations, increasing the value for every research dollar. We are focused on building a better communication network with our members so the research results come back to the farm faster.


*This new research database will continue to be updated over time. Not all research funded by MCGA is archived on this page at this time.

Start year End Year Priority(ies) Title Researcher(s)
2013 2016 Diseases Getting One Step Closer to Sclerotinia Control Through Cultivar Resistance and Biological Applications Dr. Dilantha Fernando - University of Manitoba: Plant Science , Teresa de Kievit - University of Manitoba: Department of Microbiology, Mark Belmonte - University of Manitoba: Department of Biological Science
2017 2022 Diseases Monitoring the Race Dynamics of Leptosphaeria maculans for Effective Deployment and Rotation of Resistance Genes for Sustainable Management of Blackleg of Canola in Western Canada Dr. Gary Peng - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada: Saskatoon Research and Development Centre, Fengqun Yu - AAFC: Saskatoon Research and Development Centre
2018 2020 Diseases Host-pathogen Biology and Interaction Bruce D. Gossen - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada , Mary Ruth McDonald - University of Guelph, Dr. Gary Peng - AAFC Saskatoon Research and Development Centre, Dr. Fengqun Yu - AAFC SRDC, Dr. Sheau-Fang Hwang - Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Dr. Stephen Strelkov - University of Alberta
2018 2023 Diseases, Variety Assessment Developing Novel Resistance Resources and Strategies to Address the New Threat of Clubroot Canola Production on the Prairies Dr. Gary Peng - Saskatoon Research and Development Centre (AAFC), Fengqun Yu - Saskatoon Research and Development Centre (AAFC), Habibur Rahman - Department of Agricultural, Food, and Nutritional Science (U of A), Rudolph Fredua-Agyeman - Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (Crop Diversification Center North)