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Canola Research Camp

In 2022, Manitoba Canola Growers launched Canola Research Camp, a two-day immersive program that takes researchers across Manitoba to connect with a diverse group of Manitoba farmers and farm operations.

Funded in part by the Governments of Canada and Manitoba under the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

Research Camp Objectives:

Increase the capacity of the research community to provide high quality research projects and results that directly benefit Manitoba farmers.

  • Connect and support the relationship between researchers and farmers to allow researchers to better understand farm priorities and challenges.
  • Connect and support the relationships between researchers across disciplines and institutions.
  • Establish a connection between researchers, farmers and MCGA to communicate MCGA’s research priorities, funding opportunities, and professional development opportunities.


Feedback from Research Camp Participants:

“I was and still am impressed with the organization. I learned a lot from all the activities. The camp was power-packed and well executed.”

“Camp provided me with key insights into on-farm and off-farm farmer decisions.”

“Great opportunity to network and get familiar with Canola Industry and researchers.”

“Identified many potential research opportunities with innovative producers and keen researchers from various institutions.”

“Because of my area of research I am more lab based and I don’t get to interact with the producers in the region, so this tour was an awesome opportunity to learn more about applied aspects of agriculture in the province. I was really amazed by the different opinions and strategies that different farmers had.”



Research Camp Alumni


• Dr. Nasem Badreldin, Assistant Professor in Digital Agronomy, University of Manitoba
• Dr. Mark Belmonte, Professor in Plant Biology, University of Manitoba
• Dr. Navneet Brar, Research Associate in Plant Science, University of Manitoba
• Dr. Xiaopeng Gao, Assistant Professor in Soil Fertility, University of Manitoba
• Dr. Afua Mante, Assistant Professor in Soil Physical Processes, University of Manitoba
• Dr. Baljeet Singh, Faculty in Agriculture and Environment, Assiniboine Community College
• Dr. Zhongwei Zou, Assistant Professor in Plant Biology, Wilfrid Laurier University


• Dr. Yvonne Lawley, Associate Professor of Agronomy and Cropping Systems, University of Manitoba
• Curtis Cavers, Agronomist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
• Dr. Rob Gulden, Professor in Weed Science, University of Manitoba
• Dr. Xiaowei Guo, Lab Director at Manitoba Pest Surveillance Initiative (PSI)
• Ehsan Zarrinabadi, PhD Candidate in Soil Science, University of Manitoba
• Dr. Harmeet Sing Chawla, Assistant Professor in Genomics, University of Manitoba
• Dr. Alankrita Goswami, Assistant Professor in Agribusiness, University of Manitoba
• Dr. Ahmed Abdelmagid, Research Scientist in Oilseed Pathology, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
• Jay Whetter, Canola Digest Editor, Canola Council of Canada