Fields to Forks

Fields to Forks brings you an inside look at the industry that feeds us.

Canadian Farmers are the guardians of our land.  By tending the soil, raising crops, feeding livestock and harvesting bounty, Farmers provide food, from their fields to our forks. There is a passion, dedication and commitment to quality behind all the work our Farmers do. From farms to manufacturers to distributors, the journey of food production is told in CTV’s Fields to Forks.

Manitoba Canola Growers director Jackie Dudgeon-MacDonald from Morden was featured on this series. As a farmer, every day is canola day for Jackie. From cooking in the kitchen, to dog and cat foods, lip balms, lotions and baby formula, canola is versatile and used in many products. Get to know canola at

Simon Ellis, fourth-generation farmer from Black Creek Farms in Wawanesa was featured on this series. He is farming with a focus of reducing his impact on the environment. Planting trees for shelterbelts to slow the wind down, grassing runways, using solar panels to reduce fuel usage and just being responsible about every input he uses on the farm. He recognizes that many of the investments he makes in the environment today will benefit future generations.

Manitoba Canola Growers director Nicolea Dow from Portage la Prairie was featured on this series.  She shares her farms story and celebrates the innovative spirit of farmers.



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