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Canola Variety Evaluation

In the past, a prairie-wide canola variety testing program (Canola Performance Trials) was run collaboratively by the Manitoba Canola Growers Association (MCGA), Alberta Canola and SaskCanola. This program concluded after the 2022 field season as the program was no longer meeting the needs of canola growers in its current format.

MCGA committed to providing growers in Manitoba access to independent canola variety data in 2023 by re-aligning the program with grower priorities and initiating a Manitoba-specific variety testing program. Unfortunately, due to the limited support received from industry the program would not have resulted in the robust and valuable variety data that is MCGA’s goal for an updated variety testing program.

MCGA conducted a survey of over 400 growers and agronomists during the summer of 2023 to quantify the value of an independent small-plot canola variety evaluation program to our farm members. With overwhelming support from the survey of canola growers and agronomists across Manitoba, MCGA will continue to work towards launching an independent canola variety testing program for the 2024 growing season. Discussions with industry members will work to establish a robust and valuable program, providing support to Manitoba’s canola farmers as they make their variety decisions.

Supporting material for canola variety decisions in the absence of an independent 2024 Canola Variety Evaluation program:

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2023 NDSU Canola Variety Trials – Click for results


2022 Canola Performance Data – Click for results