Research Priorities

Manitoba Canola Growers (MCGA) research program focuses on funding and investing in projects and programs that match farm priorities to improve the sustainability of Manitoba Canola Farms through:

Profits – working towards improved and stable profits from Manitoba canola acres

People – providing safe and manageable farm production options

Planet – increasing the longevity of Manitoba farmland by improving soil quality and cropland biodiversity, while reducing negative environmental impacts of canola production

Overall Research Priorities

  1. Increase canola yield potential and stability in Manitoba conditions through genetic and agronomic solutions
  2. Protect canola yields from current and emerging pests
  3. Improve canola nutrient use efficiency through 4R management practices
  4. Reduce or improve the environmental impact of canola production
  5. Reduce harvest and storage losses through genetic and management solutions, as well as equipment optimization
  6. Ensure supply of high-quality canola to meet current and future end-use demands

The majority of MCGA research funding is directed towards canola specific research. However, MCGA additionally reviews Manitoba whole-farm focused research proposals  in collaboration with other funding organizations.

2024-25 Research Funding Targets

To fill gaps in current funding, MCGA is actively seeking new projects that are focused on:

  1. Flea beetle management strategies
  2. Verticillium stripe genetic and agronomic management solutions
  3. Optimizing fertility management in canola
  4. Improving yield stability in environmental extremes
  5. Evaluation of risks and opportunities for the profitability of canola production
  6. Commercial canola hybrid evaluation for agronomic traits

MCGA funds research that meets our research priorities in the following Research Areas:

  1. Genetic Improvement and Testing
  2. Pest Management
    1. Diseases
    2. Insects
    3. Weeds
  3. Nutrient Management
  4. Cropping Systems
  5. Soil and Water Management
  6. Harvest Management
  7. Storage and Handling
  8. End-Use and Market Development


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