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Canola Check Off

Checkoff rates are $1.00/tonne (2.2 cents/bushel)

The Manitoba Canola Growers Association is regulated by the Manitoba Government’s Agriculture Organization Funding Act to stimulate, increase and improve the production and marketing of canola and canola products in Manitoba. Click here to read the details of the Act. 


Canola Check-Off Facts:
  • The check-off is $1.00 per tonne on all Manitoba-grown canola, rapeseed or oilseed of the Brassica family .
  • The check-off is to be collected by all buyers, elevators, crushers and dealers and remitted to MCGA to administer canola programs.
  • All growers who contribute check-off have the right to participate in elections to the board of the Manitoba Canola Growers Association, stand for election and bring forward resolutions for consideration by the membership.
  • All growers who contribute check-off also have access to member benefits including access to member only events,  discounted event admission, free or discounted testing at PSI lab, scholarship opportunities and more.