Canola On-Farm Research

Manitoba Canola Growers launched a canola on-farm research program in 2022 to help farmers across the province fill the gap between traditional research results and the farm level experience. The program aims to provide applied, transferable research results to farmers to allow for the adoption of new and improved production practices by evaluating performance across a wide range of growing regions and farm operations in Manitoba.

Program Goals:

  • Test new and improved applied production practices on a wide range of locations and environmental conditions across Manitoba to help better understand the probability of response and the economic impacts.
  • Tackle research questions that cannot fully be evaluated in small plot and greenhouse research, such as precision ag methods and equipment optimization.
  • Collaborate with research partners to ensure meaningful interpretation of on-farm trial results.
  • Bridge the gap between traditional research results and on-farm adoption of new and improved production practices.

On-Farm Canola Research Trials

Trial typeNumber of locationsStart dateEnd date (estimated)Results
Nitrogen Rate1020222025Click for results
Seeding Rate1120222025Click for results
Bioinoculant320222022Click for results
Seed-placed Fertilizer2020232026Click for results
Cover Cropping for Flea Beetle Management320242026Coming fall 2024


Click here to view the 2023 Canola On-Farm Research Program Report


2023 Agronomic Partners:

  • Antara Agronomy Service Ltd.
  • Tone Ag Consulting Ltd.
  • New Era Ag Research
  • A1 Agronomy Inc.
  • Field 2 Field Agronomy Inc.
  • Ag Advantage Ltd. (Meadows)

MCGA On-Farm Research Program aims to collaborate with farmers, agronomists and researchers to provide the most relevant and valuable information to our members.

Canola Growers: If you are interested in participating in, or have a trial idea for our on-farm program please contact Amy Delaquis at or (204) 384-1196. This program is available to MCGA members in good standing.

Why participate in On-Farm Research?

  • Join a network of growers conducting and sharing on-farm trial results.
  • Understand performance of new and improved production practices in your farm operation.
  • A research specialist or agronomist will support you through every step of the research process and collect all data during the season.
  • Statistically valid results.

Agronomists: MCGA contracts agronomists from across the province to work with farms to establish, manage and harvest research trials. If you are interested in working with MCGA as an Agronomic Partner please contact Amy Delaquis at (204) 384-1196 or

Researchers: If you are interested in collaborating with the Canola On-Farm Research Program to complement your research program please contact Amy Delaquis at (204) 384-1196 or

Funded in part by the Governments of Canada and Manitoba under the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.


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