Innovative Uses for Canola

Canola is found in much more than canola oil, and some of the leading-edge innovations to develop even more uses for canola oil may be surprising. Manitoba Canola Growers (MCGA) works with partners to build on emerging markets for canola products and explore opportunities for new ones.

Renewable Fuels: Canola is a low-carbon, sustainable and renewable resource for fuel that has been in demand for years, and now that demand is really starting to take off. Fuel additives like biofuel continue to be in high demand, and new fuels like renewable diesel (not just an additive, but a replacement for conventional diesel made entirely from canola oil) are on the way as new regulations and processing facilities come online to support more sustainable sources of fuel. Plus, canola oil demand is literally taking off as companies prefer canola oil as its source for Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Learn more about the many years of work to encourage the renewable fuels market at the links below:

Canola Meal: High in protein, excellent amino acid profile, helps make dairy cows more efficient at producing milk, and is a nutritious addition for many other types of animal feed and pet food. Canola meal is a big and growing market for the seed material left over after the oil is removed. Learn more at the links below:

Canola Protein: That excellent canola protein is great for people too. MCGA is researching the opportunities for a canola-based tofu and other canola based food products that could fit in the plant-based food market.

Even more innovations: There are even more untapped potential uses for canola and MCGA is exploring them. Research into using canola for bioplastics or canola fibre for textiles have been among the exciting new projects exploring this incredibly versatile crop.

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