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Market Development Priorities

Manitoba Canola Growers purpose is to stimulate, increase and improve the production and marketing of canola and canola products in Manitoba.

Market Development initiatives revolve around two key priorities:

  • Build demand for canola by collaborating in the development and delivery of a national and provincial marketing strategy and by identifying and expanding new markets for canola.
  • Promote the benefits of canola by leveraging grower dollars to continue market development activities for canola and apply research results to advance ongoing market development activities.

Say Hello to “Canadian Canola”

Hello Canola is a joint partnership between Alberta CanolaSaskCanola and Manitoba Canola Growers. Our aim is to bring Canadians closer to canola by instilling pride in, and increasing knowledge of, a crop that is sustainably grown here in Canada and in demand all over the globe.

Our goal: Make the knowledge of, use of and support of Canola as a near-universal fact for all Canadians.

The objective: Building a positive reputation for Canola by moving Canadians from apathy to love of Canola.

Get to know Canadian Canola

Hi, I’m Canadian Canola. I was born here in Canada and over the past half-century, I’ve seemed to become quite the hot commodity around the globe.

I’m more Canadian than a Moose Jaw Mountie and right up there with maple syrup as the quintessential Canadian plant product. One might say I’m the Zamboni-driving, toque-wearing, beaver on skates of the global farming industry.

Sure, everyone knows I make a healthy salad and cook a mean French fry… but now I’m recognized for being in everything, like pet food, lipstick, and renewable biodiesel.

Did you know the name canola comes from “Canada” and “oil”?  Grown primarily in Western Canada, canola has become one of our country’s most valuable agricultural exports.

Yours truly,
Canadian Canola