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Plant Density Target and Seeding Rate Calculators

Minimize your risk and maximize your profit with the right plant density target and seeding rate.  Calculate your optimum canola seeding rate or use this calculator after seeding to understand your emergence Learn how to set a target plant density in plants/ft2 or plants/m2 that fits with your individual field conditions, abilities and appetite for risk


CROPS-A-PALOOZA is a one day hands on in-field learning interactive event that brings together the best research and agronomy extension professionals and farmers to learn how to grow the best crops! Pre-register now!  There will be 16 stations including:  Crop Rotation: Managing Crop Diseases and Saving You Money – Holly Derksen (Manitoba Agriculture) Dan Orchard & Clint


The Canola Watch Team is made up of Canola Council of Canada regional agronomists and provincial oilseed specialists.  This team is a great resource for canola farmers in Manitoba and across Canada. How an Agronomist can help: Farmers may have to spend one to two hours every week in each canola field to keep tabs on

Research Tax Credit Letter for Farmers

Research Tax Credit Available for Manitoba Canola Growers

March 13, 2018 Producers are entitled to obtain a federal tax credit on canola check-off deductions that are used to support Research & Development. The government allows 80% of the total qualifying research investment to be claimed as eligible for the tax credit. For the Manitoba Canola Growers Association, only part of our R &

Weekends are for Brunching

Weekends are for Brunching

Some of the best conversations happen around the table. There’s something truly special about sharing food together and slowing down to enjoy one another’s company. Brunch is the perfect excuse to get together over food and weekends are simply made for slowing down. Therefore, brunching and weekends are the perfect combo! Brunch menus seem to…