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Pest Surveillance Initiative

FREE BLACKLEG GENE IDENTIFICATION TESTING FOR MCGA MEMBERS ($200 Value)  Harvest is the perfect time to scout your fields for blackleg and collect a sample for testing through the Pest Surveillance Initiative (PSI) Lab. New technology now allows farmers to identify what races of blackleg are present in their fields.  This allows farmers to choose the canola varieties with resistance gene(s) that

Canola Calculators

Minimize your risk and maximize your profit with this suite of canola tools Optimize your combine settings to improve canola harvest Calculate your optimum canola seeding rate or use this calculator after seeding to understand your emergence Learn how to set a target plant density in plants/ft2 or plants/m2 that fits with your individual field conditions, abilities and appetite for


The Canola Watch Team is made up of Canola Council of Canada regional agronomists and provincial oilseed specialists.  This team is a great resource for canola farmers in Manitoba and across Canada. How an Agronomist can help: Farmers may have to spend one to two hours every week in each canola field to keep tabs on

Sustainability: Seafood

Sustainability: Seafood

How to start your sustainable seafood journey. Our oceans, covering more than 70 percent of the earth, act as the lungs for our planet and in order for mother nature to thrive, we need to keep them healthy. When it comes to the health of those oceans, humans are having a profound impact. Did you…