About Manitoba Canola Growers Association

The Manitoba Canola Growers Association represents farmers in our province that grow canola.  MCGA was incorporated on July 8, 1982 under the Manitoba Corporations Act. At this time the organization was funded by a membership. In 1996, MCGA was granted a check off of 50 cents per tonne for every tonne of Manitoba canola sold. MCGA continued to be funded in this manner until 2008 when the check off was increased to $1.00 per tonne.

MCGA represents approximately 8,500 members. MCGA uses the canola check off dollars for “seed money” to grow the future. Every dollar spent is leveraged at the local, national, and international levels, and studies show that every dollar invested by growers results in an impressive return on investment.

Through the strategic, thoughtful investments of grower check off contributions, MCGA ensures that our members are well positioned to take advantage of opportunities to maximize their net income from growing canola.

Mission Statement

Manitoba Canola Growers is committed to maximizing net income for canola farmers through sustainable production.



Value Statement

How we achieve this is governed by the values, ethics and beliefs that we hold. We shall be responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to us by our members. We will do this by:


Encourage and mentor suitable individuals to serve and act on the board of directors.


Ensure MCGA provides an environment for continuous learning for members, staff and directors.


Ensuring each day we make a positive contribution to canola and agriculture by:

  • Producing healthy safe products,
  • Providing imagination and innovation for future generations of canola growers;
  • Collaborating with our partners to provide positive outcomes to marketing, market development, research, education and awareness;
  • Managing the land and environment in order to enhance it for future generations.

Maximizing Value:

In our grower contributions by leveraging MCGA involvement with sister organizations, industry and government.

Strategic Pillars

MCGA’s Board of Directors and staff worked together to renew their strategic plan. The following three pillars were identified with a specific strategic direction attached to each.

  • Maximizing Net Income
  • Canola Farmers
  • Sustainable Production

Strategic Plan

Strategic Pillar #1: Maximizing Net Income

  • Maximize net returns for farmers by improving canola marketing and risk management opportunities.
  • Improve marketing and risk management learning opportunities
  • Improve farm input management
  • Fostering a more competitive environment for crop inputs
  • Work with our partners to build demand for canola through market development, education and promotion.
  • Maintain and expand markets (domestic, export) through education and promotion
  • Work with our partners to support, influence and advocate for positive policy development
  • Maximize partnership opportunities

Strategic Pillar #2: Canola Farmers

  • Continue to build stronger relationships with farmer members and ensure we are meeting their needs
  • Improve awareness and understanding of MCGA activities among members
  • Work with our partners to support improved and sustainable crop production management
  • Enhance producer awareness of agronomics, technology, human resources, and financial management.
  • Continue to develop effective board governance focused on the best interests of canola growers
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Enhance board governance and effectiveness

Strategic Pillar #3: Sustainable Production

  • Working with our partners to support farmer driven research priorities and sustainable production systems
  • Maintain and enhance sustainable cropping systems to meet the growing demand for canola
  • Drive Manitoba specific research priorities such as crop agronomy and other nitrogen fertilizer sources
  • Utilize new & existing technology to maximize return on crop inputs,
  • Education and awareness of sustainable production practices
  • Work with partners to develop a canola sustainability model

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