Your Farm Voice: Canola protein technology presents new market for canola growers

Bringing the idea of canola as a protein for human consumption to the forefront is something Manitoba Canola Growers have been supporting. Through innovative technology, protein is extracted from canola meal (currently a livestock feed) in a way suitable for the human food market. The process is simple and only uses water and a mechanical filter to separate canola milk, then the milk is coagulated into curds that can be squished together into a cake.

MCGA Executive Director Delaney Ross Burtnack has sampled the milk and found it virtually flavourless with a silky texture, making it easy to add to food without needing to mask the taste. This innovative technology was supported by grower research dollars and brings forward new opportunities for canola growers.

In a recent press release, MCGA shared news that the canola protein extraction technology has been successfully licensed to Manitoba company M. & C. Commodities Inc. (M&C Commodities). Moving forward, M&C Commodities will license the canola protein extraction technology and take it into commercial production.

“We’re proud to offer farmers another stream for canola in the market place,” says Carlos Melo, President & CEO, M&C Commodities. “This technology has the ability to craft a wide range of formats (from soluble to powder) and can be used as an ingredient in a variety of foods to promote healthier cooking options. Once branded as plant based protein using canola it becomes another channel for farmers to move their crop.”

Ross Burtnack says “we’ve been excited to support the canola protein extraction technology and the research that’s gotten it to this point because it opens up an entirely new market for canola growers. This is an opportunity to expand the value of canola meal as it gives farmers an option beyond livestock feed to market their meal for human protein consumption.”

Melo adds “we’re very thankful for the hard work the province, canola growers and all those involved have done in bringing this technology to market.”

For future announcements about the technology and more information visit M&C Commodities website, follow Canola Growers on Twitter @Canola Growers, on Facebook @ManitobaCanolaGrowers or visit our canola-based protein webpage.

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