Your Farm Voice: Improvements to the Business Risk Management Suite

The recent trade challenges with China have brought Business Risk Management programs for Canadian farmers and businesses under the microscope and it is pushing change. There have been ongoing conversations about making improvements or additions to the Business Risk Management programs for farmers.

“The focus of these conversations is less about the specific programs, but about the Business Risk Management ‘Suite’ and what it will look like to benefit farmers,” says Delaney Ross Burtnack, Executive Director, MCGA. “Manitoba Canola Growers are working with Canadian Canola Growers Association, Grain Growers of Canada and Grain Farmers of Ontario on what is now going to be a national consultation for growers. Essentially the east is expanding into the west to work together.”

In Manitoba at the end of June there were consultation with growers. All the provincial commodity groups brought together a group of farmers to develop a focus group to consult on the Business Risk Management programs as whole ‘suite’ (or package).

MCGA is the provincial touch point on this national consultation. “We’re a part of these conversations. We’re at the table directly with the Grain Growers of Canada, something we’ve never done before, which gives MCGA members a stronger voice,” adds Delaney.

The Business Risk Management suite includes programs like AgriInsurance, AgriStability, AgriInvest and more. For information about the Business Risk Management programs click here.

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