Meet Corina

Welcome Corina Lepp!

In early June, the Manitoba Canola Growers Association welcomed Corina Lepp as the new Grower Engagement and Extension Manager following Roberta Galbraith’s retirement in late July.

As Grower Engagement and Extension Manager, Corina is responsible for seeking out, creating and facilitating learning opportunities and activities on behalf of MCGA to foster excellence and advance the knowledge, success and sustainability of canola growers.

“I’m excited to work with and learn from a dynamic and talented team of individuals who work together for the success of canola growers in Manitoba,” says Corina. “I’m looking forward to reconnecting and hearing grower’s feedback on issues that are important to them and their farms, so as an organization we can continue to provide value to Manitoba canola growers.”

MCGA is thrilled to welcome Corina Lepp to the team. The organization looks forward to the insights and new ideas she will bring to support our efforts to continue to improve the production and marketing of canola and canola products in Manitoba.

Corina grew up on a grain and mixed beef farm in Killarney, Manitoba. After studying agronomy at the University of Manitoba Corina did her internship with The Marquis Project and went to Tanzania, Africa where she did fair trade work with fair trade producers and youth. Upon her return, she worked as a Business Representative with BASF, started a family with her husband, Gerald, and then recruited part time with Grasslands Recruitment Specialists before joining MCGA.

Gerald and Corina live on an acreage south of Rivers, Manitoba with their three children Mia, Winston and Sawyer. Corina is a big supporter of community events and is actively involved in her children’s activities like hockey, dance, baseball, soccer and 4-H. As a family they enjoy spending time at the lake.

Get to know Corina Lepp better:

How do I celebrate agriculture? 

I love summer and being able to prepare fresh local food for our family and friends.

What inspires me? 

My family – I’m loving watching my kids grow up! I love their curiosity and zest for life.

 The best piece of advice I’ve received is…

Be happy and surround yourself with people that make you happy.

My favourite piece of technology is…

My phone, I love that I can take pictures wherever I am!

If I could give my teenage self one piece of advice it would be…

Enjoy being a teenager and have fun with your friends; there will be lots of time to worry about the big stuff later on.

If I could live anywhere in the world I would live…

I think I would choose somewhere warm and on the ocean. There is just something soothing about the waves crashing in. I could easily get away from the long winters!

If I could ask my future self one question it would be…

What will be some of my kid’s favorite memories growing up with us?

If I could have one super power it would be…

To be able to predict the future!

The mantra I live by is…

I think its old school, but from my 4-H days; learn to do by doing!

One item I still need to cross off my bucket list is…

I would love to go on a road trip across Canada coast to coast to coast!

The strangest thing I’ve ever eaten is…

I think it would have to be goat meat.

 If I were stranded on a deserted island, the three things I would have are…

I would take my family to keep me company, my kayak so I could be on the water and some matches so we could have fires!

If I could be any flavour of ice cream I would be…

Vanilla because you can add any topping to make it taste even better!

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