Spray To Swath

Our export customers have strict regulations on the types of trace residues they allow in canola. Pesticide residues in canola are detectable and tested. Protect the quality of your load and the Canadian canola industry by allowing enough time before harvest. Use this tool to determine your Spray to Swath Interval!



Sclerotinia has become a yearly concern for most Manitoba canola growers. Many pencil in the potential cost of a fungicide treatment with the assumption it is probably going to be another risky year. Why? Manitoba tends to have the right weather (moderate temperatures and good moisture during flowering) that favour infection and development, as well

Japan's Tariffs on Australian Canola Oil

Importance of the Trans-Pacific Partnership for Canola

May 13th 2015  Achieving stable and open trade by eliminating tariffs and preventing non-tariff trade barriers is a key priority in the canola’s industry strategic plan, Keep it Coming 2025, which targets sustainable production of 52 bushels per acre to meet global market demand of 26 million metric tonnes of Canadian canola. More than 90%