Canola Nutrition

Smoke Point Charts for Canola Oil


Oil Smoke Point (0C)1 Smoke Point (°F) Canola 242 468 Canola High Oleic 246 475 Canola Organic Expeller Press 240 464 Corn 234 453 Grapeseed 224 435 Olive Processed 220 428 Extra Virgin Olive 166 331 Peanut 244 471 Safflower 230 446 Safflower High Oleic 242 468 Safflower Cold Press 168 334 Soybean 234 453

Canola Oil Conversion Chart


Reduce trans and saturated fats in your baking by replacing the solid or melted solid fat to liquid canola oil. Not only will you reduce the total fat by up to 25 percent but canola is also lower in saturated fats and contains no trans fat.  Use this chart to help you convert your recipes. Canola


Canola Oil is a Good Fat. Your body needs fat – to keep you warm, provide energy and help you absorb fat-soluble vitamins and caroteniods. But some fats are healthier for you that others. Canola oil provides more of the good fats than any other popular vegetable oil. Essential good fats – canola oil is