Evaluation of OP lines and varieties for suitability for commercial production in Manitoba

Results Summary

  • The full report is available at This chart summarizes the yield, oil and protein
    data over 2 years of trials for 8 OP varieties in comparison to 2 hybrid checks.
  • Results show that yield of these OP varieties is an average of 25% lower than the hybrid checks.
    The highest yielding variety, PSL 385, was 20% below the checks, and was also the tallest and one
    of the latest maturing varieties. While protein for all varieties was comparable to the checks,
    most of the OP entries did not meet the oil content required for registration in Canada.
  • Based on these results the board has decided not to invest in a third year of performance trials
    for OP varieties, but has provided a list of breeders who provide OP varieties for members who
    may be interested in pursuing this further.

Information on OP Variety Breeders

  • The only distributor that has an OP in the portfolio is Canterra Seeds, CANTERRA 1918. It is
    Roundup Ready OP.
  • University of Alberta has registered OP varieties, all believed to be Clearfield. We are following up
    regarding distribution, but the intention is not clear at this point.
  • There could be some OPs from Dow’s specialty oil program but would not likely reduce seed cost.
  • The conventional OP experimental lines from Parsons Seeds that were included in the experiment
    were developed at the University of Guelph. They are not registered in Canada.

Click here to download the report.

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