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Your Farm Voice: GrowCanada 23 – Jackie Dudgeon-MacDonald

Jackie Dudgeon-MacDonald attended GrowCanada 23 in Calgary, Alberta alongside Manitoba Canola Growers Association (MCGA). Here is what she has to say about her experience at GrowCanada 23. 

What is one takeaway from your experience at this event that you can apply in the future?

My one key takeaway from this event was that Canada is in a unique position right now and we have consumers who are starting to be more curious where their food is coming from. As farmers we need to be open to sharing, even if we may get some negative feedback. Also it’s very important to partner with trusted sources.  

Was there personal value to you? If so, explain what you got out of the event.

Yes there was, this whole conference was amazing. The speakers were very inspiring and motivating. The connections made with the other canola associations as well as dietitians and influencers we were hosting was very special and I am so happy I got to get to know them and learn with them. It is amazing to be in a room with so many important people and know that we are all hearing the same message and working towards a common goal. 

What was it like to sit alongside MCGA at this event? 

It was amazing!! but I may be slightly biased… haha. I felt like MCGA was a highly regarded organization and we were important (which we are). As a director for the board I was honoured to be hosting our guests and showing them what farmers and the industry are all about!

Based on your experience at the event, is there anything you would like to see MCGA doing more of? Please explain. 

I really love taking dieticians and non farmers or industry to events like this because I think it helps knock those walls down and shows that we want to work together! I would love it if MCGA was able to do more things like that. Uplifting our farmers and members is important, but if we want the future of ag and canola to be bright in Canada we need to start breaking down barriers with our consumers. 

Can’t wait to go next year!