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Your Farm Voice: GrowCanada 22 – Darryl Wiebe

Darryl Wiebe attended GrowCanada 22 in Ottawa, Ontario alongside Manitoba Canola Growers Association (MCGA). Here is what he had to say about his experience at GrowCanada 22.

What is one takeaway from your experience at this event that you can apply in the future?

That there is an opportunity to maximize Canada’s agricultural potential. We could be the number two exporter in the world. A big part of this is that our infrastructure in Canada is falling behind.

Was there personal value to you? If so, explain what you got out of the event.

Yes, there was personal value. As a farmer that doesn’t get opportunities to go to anything other than farm shows and events, this was an eye-opening experience to how agriculture affects our country and the world.

What was it like to sit alongside MCGA at this event? 

It was great! Everybody was so pleasant to be with. There were meaningful conversations about many topics because of the diverse group I hung out with. I also felt very taken care of on the trip.

Based on your experience at the event, is there anything you would like to see MCGA doing more of? Please explain. 

If opportunities like this mixed with a more intentional social media presence, I think it would be beneficial in broadening the scope of our Manitoban farmers to be able to see how important our work is across the globe!