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Your Farm Voice: Canola Week 2023 – Thomas Hubbert

Thomas Hubbert attended Canola Week 2023 in Calgary, Alberta last December alongside Manitoba Canola Growers Association (MCGA). Here is what he has to say about his experience at Canola Week 2023.

What is one takeaway from your experience at this event that you can apply in the future?

A takeaway from the experience is that you can learn as much or more from the people you talk to attending the conference as the actual content presented at the conference.

Was there personal value to you? If so, explain what you got out of the event.

I was interested in the political side of marketing canola as a country. One of the presentations touched on this subject and I was able to talk more about it with him later at dinner. 

What was it like to sit alongside MCGA at this event? 

It was fun to sit amongst the MCGA members. After attending a couple events it’s nice to get to know them on a more personal level. 

Based on your experience at the event, is there anything you would like to see MCGA doing more of? Please explain. 

I’m not sure exactly if MCGA can influence or start the conversation, but I feel like for half of Manitoba growing area, canola will be phased out because of heat stress or drought stress. At the conference verticillium stripe and clubroot were main concerns. I feel like our farm and area has none of this issue and won’t because guys are switching to more profitable more stress tolerant crops.