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2022 Canola On-Farm Research Program Results Are In

Winnipeg, Manitoba – December 14, 2022 – Manitoba Canola Growers (MCGA) celebrates their inaugural season of on-farm research trials, alongside Manitoba Crop Alliance and Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers, at the On Farm Appreciation dinner.   

Farmers, agronomists and grower groups gathered to hear the results of on-farm research in Manitoba from the three hosting commodity associations Tuesday night in Winnipeg.  

“The canola on-farm research program is the newest addition to our research initiatives focused on supporting canola on-farm decisions and we are very excited about how the first year went.” stated Sonia Wilson, Research Manager with the Manitoba Canola Growers. “It was great to celebrate our successful first season alongside our contracted agronomists, participating farmers and commodity group partners.”

In 2022 we focused on 3 trial types including a seeding rate trial, a nitrogen rate trial and an anti-fungal bioinoculant trial.  Complete 2022 canola on-farm research results can be found on the Manitoba Canola Growers website here.  

We launched our pilot on-farm research program to help farmers across the province fill the gap between traditional research results and the farm level. The program is aimed at providing applied, transferable research results to farmers to allow for the adoption of new and improved production practices by evaluating performance across a wide arrange of growing regions and farm operations in Manitoba. 

A big thank you to the independent agronomists and farmers that we worked with from various regions across the province that helped us execute scientifically sound randomized, replicated trials on farm using field scale equipment. 

“Trying new products and ideas has allowed me to gather first-hand information,” shared Leon Mykula, participating farmer in the 2022 canola on-farm research program, “This helps with future decisions to keep my farm profitable.  

To learn more about research funded by the Manitoba Canola Growers visit our website at


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The Manitoba Canola Growers Association is farmer funded, and farmer focused. Driving success for Manitoba canola farmers through research, market development, advocacy, and outreach. 


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