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Your Farm Voice: Community Builder, Ellen Pruden, Awarded Top Honor

Canola farmers across Canada are represented through stories, experiences and connections with consumers created by the Canola Eat Well team led by Ellen Pruden. 

Canola Eat Well has a reputation for celebrating the incredible achievements of our farmers, chefs, dietitians and food friends, and now, it’s with tremendous pride that we turn our spotlight to one of our own. Ellen Pruden, Director of Canola Eat Well has dedicated the last twenty years of her career to nurture and grow not only her bustling family, but also craft and create a playbook of agricultural engagement by way of Canola Eat Well and its extended food family.

Ellen Pruden in our recent Meet our #CanolaConnect Community Interview series.

Ellen has just been announced as the recipient for the distinguished 2020 Honourary Patron Award by Dietitians of Canada in recognition of her contributions to the Canadian food community. Nominated by Registered Dietitians Carol Harrison, Shannon Crocker, Gina Sunderland, Dara Gurau and Erin MacGregor, the award is in gratitude for her devotion to helping engage all Canadians to get to know Canadian agriculture and ultimately, eat well.

Ellen at Ontario workshopEllen uses her voice and charismatic nature to engage and support not only dietitians, but also everyone in her spiderweb network that spans just about every province and territory. Ellen makes it personal, and often goes out of her way to connect with people on more than just food, getting to know everyone in her circles and focusing on the inner-champion in us all.


I have the ability to see things in people- and know that perhaps they just need a little boost

That is part of Ellen’s design. She wants to see us all flourish. Growing up as a child, Ellen had her sights set on becoming a teacher. And while that encapsulates a large portion of her current role, it goes beyond mere instruction. “One of the most wonderful compliments I get back from our farmers is that I have the ability to see things in people- and know that perhaps they just need a little boost. I have encouraged people and given them support – that’s what a good teacher does,” offers Ellen.

Ellen teaching

We learn best when we all learn from each other.

Her modesty and innate ability to see the best in us is paramount to her enormous success nationally connecting farmers and food lovers, bringing everyone to the same collective table in an effort to share their knowledge and experiences, Ellen’s vision for a robust food family sees us all as equals, all of us engaged and asking questions. We learn best when we all learn from each other, and Ellen has truly (and sometimes physically!) brought us together with her dynamic flavour of programming and outreach with the CEW. Fostering a friendship with everyone she encounters; people trust Ellen to elevate the conversation around Canadian agriculture and our food system.

Please help us congratulate Ellen on this fantastic and well-deserved award! 

Ellen is on Twitter and Instagram.

Ellen Pruden, Jeannette Andrashewski, Matt Basile, Erin MacGregor, Jenn Dyck

Eat Well…Libby Roach


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