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Your Farm Voice: Field to Table, Eat Well Together in Support of Canadian Restaurants

In partnership with farmers across the country, Canola Growers have rallied to surround their restauranteur cohorts, sending messages of hope and support; and to further amplify their voice, are releasing a video to encourage Canadians to participate in Canada Takeout Day. Canada Takeout Day is an initiative that was launched in mid-April asking Canadians if they are able: order in from a local restaurant or pick up your favourite takeout to help support your local restaurants. 

It’s an unpredictable balancing act, that changes daily, one that farmers know firsthand.  

“Working with tight margins, changing market conditions and market disruptions are common place for many business owners.  As a farmer, I can relate to what restaurant owners are going through.” shares Curtis McRae who farms at St. Andrews, Manitoba.

The similarities between the two, the hard work, the long hours, the ethics and values of each unpredictable industry has forged a bond beyond provincial borders. To drive the point home, farmers stood together, under prairie skies and shared one unilateral message, we have your back. We’ve been down that road, we’ve experienced the hardships that you are facing. The heartwarming message from dozens of farm families struck a chord with restauranteurs from coast to coast. This chorus of inclusiveness accompanied with the visual that restauranteurs are not alone in this battle are welcome reminders to those in the hospitality industry.

Farmers are calling on Canadians to consider their dining options and think about supporting their favourite local restaurant, either by ordering in, leaving a positive review or sharing their weekly #takeoutday feast to inspire others to follow suit.

From farms and fields across the Prairies farmers show their support for restaurants in their endless endeavour to showcase world-class Canadian ingredients. This Wednesday, or any other day, take a break from cooking and celebrate safe, quality food – order Takeout.