Increased renewable fuel content in Manitoba a win-win-win commitment

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Winnipeg, Manitoba – August 27, 2019   Today’s announcement by the Conservative Party of Manitoba that, if elected, Manitoba would increase the renewable content in diesel fuel from 2% to 5% is welcome news for canola farmers.

“This step would create a win-win-win scenario benefitting the environment, farmers and the economy,” says Rick White, CEO, Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA). “It offers reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, new market opportunities for farmers, and investment and jobs in Canada’s processing sector.”

Canola is a high-quality biofuel feedstock that is already used in Canada’s diesel fuel supply. The canola industry has been calling on policy makers across the country to take steps such as this to increase usage of renewable content in fuel. “We’re pleased to see a positive move toward boosting renewable fuel content in Manitoba,” says White.

Canola currently makes up about 40% of the sustainable biofuel feedstock mix in Canada’s diesel supply. If a similar change to the one being discussed in Manitoba was introduced across Canada, 1.3 million tonnes of canola would be utilized by Canada’s domestic renewable fuel supply.  At the same time, Canada would see a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 3.5 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year.

“Canola farmers across Canada grow over 20 million tonnes of canola each year and increasing domestic demand for renewable fuels is a good way to diversify markets for Canadian canola seed,” says Delaney Ross Burtnack, Executive Director, Manitoba Canola Growers Association. “This step will position Manitoba as a national leader on issues related to the environment, as well as diversifying markets for Canadian crops.”

Canada’s canola industry supports increasing the inclusion rates of renewable content in diesel fuel across Canada from the current rate of 2% to 5%. Three major benefits would accrue, including:

  1. A decreased environmental footprint from heavy-duty diesel vehicles with immediate greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions at a low cost;
  2. A more diversified market for canola farmers by creating new domestic demand for crops; and
  3. A clear signal for industry to increase investment and create jobs in Canada’s processing sector.

More information about canola and biodiesel can be found on CCGA’s website: Canola Biofuels – Growing Low Carbon Solutions.

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