Farmer Surveys and Consultations

Manitoba Canola Growers are proud to represent a unified voice for canola farmers in Manitoba.  In addition to this large collective voice it is important for the voice of individual farmers to also be heard.

Below you will find current surveys or consultations requesting input from farmers.

Please take the time to share your thoughts on issues that you would like to share your input on.

Purpose and Background of Survey

The Government of Canada is currently consulting on new guidance for the regulation of novel foods. This will have a significant impact on what new plant breeding innovations, such as gene edited crops, will come to market in Canada.

Continued innovation in plant breeding is critical to supporting the efforts of Canadian farmers to sustainably grow safe, high-quality food for Canadians and consumers around the world. We need access to newest varieties of crops that allow us to adapt and respond to ever changing climatic conditions and pest pressures, and improve our yields.

Plant breeding innovations like gene editing will be important in helping to ensure Canadian farmers remain competitive on the global stage. As regions around the world start to gain access to new crops developed through gene editing, Canada must not be left behind.

We need a regulatory environment in Canada that is predictable, science-based and encourages investment in innovation in plant breeding innovation to enable Canadian agriculture to reach its full potential.

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Deadline: May 24, 2021

Purpose and Background of Survey

Building on previous engagements, we want to understand your thoughts on the priorities and future direction of Manitoba’s Agriculture and Agri-Food industry. This information will support preparation for the upcoming Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers of Agriculture meeting where NPF priorities and the policy statement will be set.

To find out more or comment visit this link

Deadline: May 27, 2021

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