2018 Resolutions

Resolution 1. Seed cost reduction (Moved: Butch Harder; Seconded: John Dueck)


WHEREAS canola seed is costing farmers $600 per bushel and more:


BE IT RESOLVED that Manitoba Canola Growers Association, The Canadian Canola Growers Association, and the Canola Council of Canada set a goal of reducing farmer seed costs by 50% over the next 5 years or sooner.



Resolution 2. Dangers of tight crop rotations (Moved: Butch Harder; Seconded: John Dueck)


WHEREAS tight crop rotation present a serious long term danger to canola production and to clubroot and chemical resistant weeds:


BE IT RESOLVED that all three Canola Associations provide more information as to the danger of this poor management practice of tight rotations.



Resolution 3. Oppose End Point Royalties (Moved: Butch Harder; Seconded: John Dueck)


WHEREAS End Point Royalties would be nothing but a huge seed tax to farmers:


BE IT RESOLVED that MCGA vigourously oppose the introduction of End Point Royalties.



Resolution 4. MCGA ask the Federal Government to complete a full rail costing review and Maximum Revenue Entitlement adjustment (Moved: Ian Robson; Seconded: Dean Harder)


Preamble: Given that many farmer delivery points no longer exist it is fair to say that Rail company costs to ship grain have been reduced.  Therefore accuracy of information is needed and required by law in setting of grain rail freight rates which cost farmers money on all their crops including canola. Before any new transportation legislation is designed the updated Costing Review is required to be able to adjust the Maximum Revenue Entitlement which is a help to farmers and to Rail companies in Canada.


WHEREAS there is new Railway Transportation legislation governing Grain Transportation and this affects the  cost to ship grain to market; and


WHEREAS a full rail costing review was last done in 1992; and


WHEREAS the formula for estimating railways costs for purposes of setting the Maximum Revenue Entitlement has not been updated to reflect changes to the railway system that have occurred since 1992; and


WHEREAS reduced costs to the railways as a result of fewer delivery points, longer trains and technological changes have not been passed on to farmers,


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the MCGA call upon the Federal Government to carry out its legal responsibility to complete a full rail costing review and adjustment of the Maximum Revenue Entitlement according to its results.

Resolution Deadline and Guidelines


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