Clayton Harder – 2015 Board of Director Nominee

clayton cropped

Narol MB

Phone: (204)470-3021

Re-elect Clayton Harder

During the last four years I have represented Manitoba farmers on the board of the Canadian Canola Growers Association, and as MCGA’s research chair. I have also served on the Western

Canadian Canola and Rapeseed recommending Committee.

After graduating from the U of M in 2000 with a diploma in agriculture I started farming in the R.M’s of St Clements, Springfield and Rosser, all close to Winnipeg. Today I grow Canola, soybeans, forage grass seed and cereals.

Canola is a very important crop to Manitoba farmers, while production and profitability improvements can be made, it’s important that MCGA support Manitoba specific research priorities that benefit farmers first.

If re-elected I would support research and initiatives that increase farmers bottom line.