Board Structure and Committees

Following the Annual General Meeting, the Manitoba Canola Growers Board of Directors meets to elect their Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, National Representatives, and Committees.

MCGA President: Chuck Fossay

MCGA Vice President: Clayton Harder

MCGA Secretary: Bill Nicholson

MCGA Treasurer: Curtis McRae


Governance & Finance

The Governance and Finance Committee is responsible for all aspects of board governance, training, and succession planning for the board and the General Manager. Policy manual review is the responsibility of this committee.

Chair: Curtis McRae

Committee Members: Jack Froese, Chuck Fossay, Bill Nicholson

Staff on Committee: Delaney Ross Burtnack



The Research Committee is responsible for selecting projects and directing research funds to find better ways ways to grow canola, and find better ways to control pests. The committee directs research funding through a number of national and provincial partnerships that allow them to leverage grower dollars. Representation to the Western Canadian Canola/Rapeseed Recommending Committee (WCC/RCC) comes from this group.

Chair: Ron Krahn

Committee Members: Chuck Fossay, Clayton Harder, John Sandborn

Staff on Committee: Delaney Ross Burtnack


Member Relations

The Member Relations Committee is responsible for ensuring growers have access to agronomy, marketing and farm management information through its communications, programs, events, and sponsorships. The committee is also committed to ensuring canola growers, the agriculture industry, and partners are informed of Manitoba Canola Growers goals, objectives and activities.

Chair: Jack Froese

Committee Members: Ron Krahn, Curtis McRae, Pam Bailey

Staff on Committee: Roberta Galbraith and Leanne Campbell


Market Awareness

The Market Awareness Committee is responsible to share information that will expand consumers awareness and knowledge of agriculture, canola production and its role in society. The goal is to maintain and work to expand canola customers and overall use of canola oil.


Committee Members: Clayton Harder, Bill Nicholson, John Sandborn and Pam Bailey

Staff on Committee: Ellen Pruden


Provincial and National Representatives

Canola Council of Canada
: Curtis McRae

Canadian Canola Growers Association: 
Clayton Harder, Jack Froese

KAP Advisory Committee: Chuck Fossay

Canola Performance Trials (CPT) Committee: Chuck Fossay

Western Canadian Canola/Rapeseed Recommending Committee: Chuck Fossay – Chair


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