Job Description – Director of Manitoba Canola Growers

Directors will:

  • Work with other Directors and staff to continuously monitor, access, and revise strategic direction of organization.
  • Manage financial resources including the development of an annual budget and other financial controls.
  • Work with staff to determine and monitor Association programs and services
  • Continue to enhance the public image of the Association.
  • Actively participate in the board’s annual evaluation and planning efforts.
  • Regularly attend board meetings and important related meetings.
  • Provide input to the Chair on meeting agenda items.
  • Commit to actively participate in board and committee work.
  • Volunteer for and willingly accept assignments and complete them thoroughly and on time.
  • Stay informed about board matters, prepare for meetings, and review and comment on minutes and reports.
  • Get to know other board members and build a collegial working relationship that contributes to consensus.

Beneficial Skills of a Director include:

  • Leadership
  • A passion for agriculture
  • An open mind
  • Strategic thinking and critical thinking skills
  • Forward, big picture thinking
  • Internally motivated
  • Knowledge of the canola industry
  • Experience in one or more of these areas;
    • Finance
    • Research
    • Agronomics
    • Policy development
    • Public relations
    • Governance

What can you expect?

 Time Commitment

Three to five board meetings annually

One Annual General Meeting

Conference calls / Online meetings as needed

Committee Opportunities 

Governance & Finance Committee

Member Relations Committee

Market Awareness Committee

Research Committee

Canola Council of Canada Representative (1)

Canadian Canola Growers Representatives (2)

KAP Advisory Committee Representative (1)

Personal Growth Opportunities

Leadership Development

Understanding of inner workings of the canola industry

Networking with fellow farmers, agronomists, industry, researchers, crushers exporters and more.

Educational workshops and seminars

Areas to Influence Growth or Change

Canola is a $4.16 billion dollar industry in Manitoba. The farmer voice is an important influence in developing decisions and policies that will support a progressive, profitable, and forward thinking canola industry as it moves forward. As a member of the Manitoba Canola Growers board of directors you will play a primary role in making decisions that will affect the future of canola and the agriculture industry in this province.


Recognizing that the time away from your farm is valuable. Manitoba Canola Growers provide a compensatory per diem, mileage and expense package to offset the time away from the business when you are representing the members of the Manitoba Canola Growers

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