Resolution Deadlines and Guidelines

2016 Resolutions that were passed at our Annual General Meeting:

1) Whereas the new Federal Government has signed the Paris Accord on the climate


Whereas carbon taxes on inputs could be an outcome of the Paris Accord


Whereas there has been no discussion with regards to carbon which is sequestered by agriculture nor compensation for sequestered carbon


Whereas a former Federal Government was prepared to expropriate all carbon sequestered prior to the implementation of the previous Climate Accord.

Therefore be it resolved that:

When either the present Federal or Provincial Government implements any new carbon tax or carbon credit program that all carbon sequestered in the past as well as in the future that compensation be given to the active farmer and/or landowners’ as both an offset for carbon taxes or in cash and be it further resolved,

That grower groups explore a common strategy to ensure that growers are recognized and rewarded for removal and storage of carbon in the soil.

Moved By: Jack Froese                               Seconded By: Ron Krahn


2) National Canadian Food Strategy is needed to help increase spending on research


Manitoba Canola Growers Association (MCGA) and Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA) are encouraged by farmers to ask the Government of Canada to establish a National Canadian Food Strategy (NCFS) intended to be helpful, engaging, and identify needed investment in food and crop research, and other needed structural services. Food production and delivery is challenged by many factors from social to climate change.

NCFS has been suggested because under the United Nations (UN) Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) food is mentioned in Article 25. NCFS would identify canola and other crops farmers grow as needing quality publicly funded crop research and breeding to be able to adapt to changing growing conditions and provide a responsible food system.

There have been Canadian Government funding reduction of Publicly Directed Food Crop Research and Breeding investment. The Canadian Government must increase its level of spending for Food Crops Research and Breeding. This one aspect of a NCFS would build upon UDHR Canada has signed especially Article 25 mentioning food.

2016 MCGA AGM Resolution:

Whereas a National Canadian Food Strategy would help Canada to target needed investment, and build its reputation for food and trade, including beneficial publicly funded crop research and breeding of all crops including canola,

Whereas Article 25 in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights signed by Canada, mentions food as a right suggesting a food strategy need,

Whereas government budget cuts were made to Canada’s publicly funded crop research and breeding efforts,

Therefore be it Resolved, the Manitoba Canola Growers Association strongly invite the Canadian Canola Growers Association to demand that our Federal and Provincial Government counterparts develop a comprehensive National Canadian Food Strategy, which includes increased government spending on crop research and breeding of canola.

Moved By: Ian L. Robson                               Seconded By: Larry Bohdanovich